ROBOTICS SOLUTIONS SRL, CUI: 35379021, Reg. Com.: J40/105/2016, Bucharest, Romania

About Us

We are an enthusiastic team of IT specialists seeking to improve the market for IT support and consulting. At the end of 2015 we founded ROBOtics Solutions, an ambitious startup focused on Support services. Today, we provide a vast lineup of IT services which can be seen below. If you are interested in any of them or for any other business inquiries please contact us using the information at the top of the page. Since its inception, SC ROBOtics Solutions SRL had the purpose of providing key solutions for robotic process automation, whether it came in the form of IT infrastructure, software development, or post implementation operational support. In the initial stage of developing organizational maturity, we focused more on providing IT services, but we wish to further our portfolio through the acquisition and sale of hardware and software products in order to provide complete solutions. Thus, we believe we can further increase our value, offering unique solutions for our clients, and boost the effective number of staff and customers.

Our Services

Our services belong to the IT sphere and are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the ever-increasing complexity and competitiveness of the IT services industry.


Whether you are thinking Block Hours or Managed Services, we are happy to offer a comprehensive portfolio of support plans that span many systems and infrastructures.

Internet of Things

We provide a wide array of consulting services to help those who want to transition their business into the internet age through interconnecting and automatizing business elements.


If your business is facing problems related to malware and data loss/theft or simply requires better security against those issues, our security consulting services are the right choice.

Robotic Process Automation

We provide many key solutions which can help your business cut clerical costs and time when it comes to repetitive day to day operations.